Are you getting your timing right?

In the World Cup, England equalised with the U.S. An unlucky slip of the glove meant that Rob Green missed catching the ball resulting in a score of 1-1. Whatever the other factors were; bad luck, slow reactions, ultimately his timing was very slightly too slow and a lot can be learnt from this.

Consider how this translates to a business scenario, when getting the timing right could have a critical effect on the net profits your business anticipates for the months ahead.

When enticing prospects to raise a purchase order, signing the agreement is becoming a more intricate process, more so now than ever before, with reluctance to spend rife; ensure that you immune your business against the detrimental effects that ill planned timing can have. Sales forecasts can only predict and theorise what your profits will be next month but cannot be counted as essential cash flow until the monies are in your account and timing is too often predicated, rather than calculated, and the outcome could cause you a devastating dent in your sales, let alone the cost per sales, again, another element of the sales process too often over- looked.

The litho print company won a chance to tender for the local authorities internal printing requirements for the year ahead, with keen prices and a great team behind him the M.D. knew he was in a great position to win the contract, armed with the knowledge that his likely local competitors, had an inferior plant, he sat confidentially at his desk, Monday morning, basking in the knowledge that the tender application form would take him only an hour to complete and that later on in the week, he could easily find the time to fill it in.

The week went very well indeed, unexpectedly well because his key sales person bought in double the anticipated orders for the week and the whole week a smooth runner with none of the usual hick ups.

Friday afternoon at 4’O’clock Chris Bick, the M.D. at his scheduled time, he’d planned in, on the Monday morning, bothered to open the attachment he had marked as unread, to remind himself to set about completing the necessary credentials required by the council for the “job” he knew would be  “a walk in the park to win “.

As the attachment opened his chest began to tighten as his eyes scanned the first requirement, the words pricked his eyes and they began to water…

”Applications for tendering must be received by 4’ O’clock on Friday 18th June 2010 and those received after this time will not be considered”!

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