Your television needs you!

What genre of television and film entertainment flicks your switch? Perhaps it’s a James Bond thriller, could it be an old black and white classic or are you a soap fan?

Doubtless we all have our favourites, those clips we see, enticing us to the cinema, for some thrill seeking action; some must see drama or latest box office hit.

With an abundance of special effects, clever editing and software, it’s easy to over-look that all such entertainment involves human intervention, the actors themselves, often selling a film, just because they are who they are, but the visual necessities would not be possible without the less renowned real stars of the shows, their stunt doubles!

The daring stunt doubles who enhance the actors’ role, the daring stunt doubles who bring in the revenue too, the visual creators, the action makers; all of course enjoying a fraction of the salary of that of the famous actor they are body doubling for!

And without a second thought we barely know of their existence, or we assume that it’s only the biggest budget films that use them, this is not the case. A new drama, out now, called Dive has a budding 2012 Olympic swimmer, doubling for the lead actress, diving and other roles required to bring about a sense of reality to the short series. Eastenders, actor, Charlie Clements had a stunts person too, used in the dramatic roof jumping scene and a year ago this month, David Holmes, “Harry Potter’s” body double broke his back while on set, he is unlikely to walk again, he is still only in his early twenties. He’s in receipt of a tiny pay out, not sufficient to keep him, his career looks all but over. Even as I write this, I’m aware of another Harry Potter tragedy; yet one more stunts person has been injured on the World famous set what affect will this have on their career?

As Eddie Kidd’s friend and publicist, the living legend of thirteen world records, famed for his motorbike stunts, The Great Wall Of China being one, Eddie was also responsible for bringing in the money for some of the most World famous films and stars. Too many to list, but they include: Val Kilmer, Harrison Ford, Michael Caine, and Pierce Brosnan! With dashing good looks our hero stared in a Levi Jeans campaign and was on every teenager’s wall, he raised millions for charity; the brakes screeched to a halt, however after his untimely accident.

But the charismatic hero is fighting back; it’s hard to keep a legend pinned down, he supports countless charities, one being Kids with Leukaemia, his competing in next year’s London Marathon, pretty impressive as he’s in a wheelchair. He has set up to assist other stunts people and with no insurance pay out either, and like so many other associates in his field, Eddie survives on a meagre income, his diary devoted to raising money for a host of charities, his number one vocation for the last fourteen years.

It brings me great pleasure to announce, for all of you who don’t know that Eddie is getting married later this month to the amazing Sam Kirli, a love spanning nearly three decades, his soul mate, his confidante, his true love, and my “big sister”.

So please, let charity start at home, your home, the place you watch your television, spare a thought for all the wonderful true hero’s of entertainment and make a donation to the Eddie Kidd foundation in show of your appreciation for bringing you so much excitement in the films, dramas and soaps that you love to watch!

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