More Glue Please!

We all know that we’re in hard economic times but I urge you all to stop further hindering your sales by the abominable lack of communications that I, for one have been observing over the last twelve months, especially. Let’s reinstate the “glue” the binder that used to make us commit to actually returning a call or even answering your telephone.

This isn’t a rant, I simply cannot reiterate enough what negative effect this is surely having on your bottom line and I embarked on a simple mystery shopper especially to help bring the vital evidence of my findings to you my reader!

Last week, I chose thirty businesses, at random, and according to advert size in my local newspaper to call. I deduced that those companies with bigger display advertisements to be of reasonable size, but within the thirty, there were of course those which I deemed to be sole traders. I began calling and was horrified with the “results”. Firstly less than a third of the businesses behind the adverts, even answered their lines, and these were NOT just the sole traders, this in itself is shocking. One such place was a restaurant that I called from reading a current review and I really didn’t predict a no answer, not even answer phone I might add, just endless ringing! How many bookings had they lost? The keen diner will be unlikely to try again; the keen diner will of course try one of their competitors so put another way, one third of businesses, will never know the true yield of their advert.

Eight other places had an answer phone take their call, and some of those still had “this is BT 1571 please leave a message after the tone.. Who would feel like leaving a message there? Another nine businesses, who did answer the call, were a mix of recorded option choices, none of us like these do we? And three only of these were answered by ill experienced people who simply didn’t, and I mean none of them, attempt to take any proactive, leader style approach with me. Two businesses only, did I enjoy a sensible conversation with and that to me is very telling. The results of my findings, I’m quite sure are typical across the nation, yes we might all be time deficient, but we need to be aware of this epidemic because it will strangle your profits if you fail to value the power of the telephone and connect with people who want to spend money at your business.

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