Perfect planning prevents…..

Well I’m sure you know how that phrase ends but how many of us really do plan our business activities?

Managing Director, Penina Shepherd, of Acumen Business Law, formed in February 2008, and already featured in The Financial Times top fifty law firms in the UK and Europe, has recently made a very poignant quote. “Most people when they start a business focus on what they can do rather than how they are going to do it, and that’s why 85% of them fail”.

What a refreshing and true read, and a statement which has sparked so many recollections with the many companies I have come across that I felt compelled to discuss a couple of examples, to share with you, some further gems of wisdom for consideration.

Let’s first look at the subject closest to my heart, public relations. Whilst The Business Promoter is well known for our project based campaigns, and we’re still the proud “owners” of a 100% placement record, it’s a shame that often only when there is an anniversary, twenty years of trading since January 1990, when companies approach me to get them in the local newspaper. But what if they were to plan their publicity opportunities and form their plans based on the twelve months ahead? What if they were to plan for bigger target awareness in the national media, radio and television?

One such company I know, are unique in their sector for providing twenty four hours opening times yet very few of their customers even know about this. The benefits from being open around the clock have never been aired, let alone the breadth of services they provide. Another company never charges for initial consultations, no matter the duration of these, and their Clients’ travel from all over the UK to Brighton to have the consultations, and they happily provide this service on a regular basis, yet no national plans are currently in place to shout about this!

Additionally, both these companies provide the service to other same sectors, they have a passive arrangement with them but could consider planning some joint tie – in opportunities, join forces with them and strengthen their brands. Equally there are many joint marketing opportunities which could provide mutual benefits. The Key being planning, how could they be doing it, and who could be their choice businesses to associate with?

Marketing too, I find is typically reactive based, planned only at top level, or when obvious events, or national awareness days are appropriate to a given sector; there are many “missed tricks” over-looked through lack of time allocation planned in.

It’s therefore essential to devote the time to plan to work in your business rather than just on it as I’m confident that you too have many ripe opportunities, ready for harvesting!

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