Getting To know You

“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, Getting to hope you like me.”

The chorus from one of my childhood favourite musicals but what nuggets of wisdom can we extract from these jolly lyrics and apply them in our communications today?

As everyone you speak to is busy, run of their feet actually, and hugely time deficient, please refrain from making dull transparent sales calls and avoid the same tactic in your email correspondence too because remember that people buy from people.

Get to know your prospects better through a more informal approach; daring to empathise with them will work for you because interestingly networking events that apply more of a social gathering style are fast drawing more attendees than the stiff formal ones of yesterday. Typical formats included the sixty second business pitches, which nobody really listened to purely because the format has been over exhausted.

So when you’re next contemplating some telephone business development work, cut the staid script, and plunge in, with empathy instead. If the prospect sounds busy, tell them that you can hear that now may not be a good time to talk with them, note with and not too them; cut your introductory statement right back, actually throw it away because it won’t work.

Adapt this as an example instead:

Clare, hi, it’s Emma from The Business Promoter, you asked me to call you about placing the Kyla Wight piece in your magazine, now a good time to talk?

If so, then proceed with expected actions and dare to ask a convenient time to take the next step.

If it’s not a good time to talk, then dare to ask when is. Today I used this tactic with a television production company; I won’t name them but suffice to say that they are a household name, huge ratings means wildly busy BUT the person in question offered an exact time slot, tomorrow, in fact at 11.30am when she would be happy to proceed with the conversation!

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