Humour’s contagious so have a giggle!

Isn’t there enough doom & gloom in the media today? Can’t help but think that the news only makes matters worse; half an hour of invasive, top heavy hard to digest headlines.

So opt out and don’t listen to the news during the working day. I’m not disputing that times are tough, economic restraints effecting us all, but by making a conscience decision to avoid listening to the news during your working hours will stop you becoming distracted, avoid that heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach, similar feeling to that of the post Sunday lunch one, and boy can it play havoc with your productivity!

For an energy tonic, guaranteed to work, see what happens for the next week by spending half an hour laughing, giggling or even smiling.

If it’s An Idiot Abroad which does it for you, then catch up with an episode on the net. Maybe invest half an hour on Skype cracking jokes with a friend or perhaps a visit to You tube to watch your favourite comedian.

When you’re done, and you could give this a go in the morning or at lunch time when your energy levels take a natural dip, notice the difference in how you sound. Whenever possible share the joke spread the idea and you will almost certainly find the day easier to manage.

Laughing is a well-known stress buster and you will be pleasantly surprised to know that   your prospects’ will hear the difference in your tone and voice making them far easier to connect with and good connections make the perfect environment to close deals in.

Happy giggling in the days ahead!

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