Powerball your energy!

Having a lethargic dull day, feel like your energy is draining from you and the cold weather not helping either?
Well if that’s how you are feeling today and you need a positive energy lift to keep you focused and motivated here’s some simple energy tips to help you regain your energy and Powerball you back on track. Take a fifteen minute break; cup of tea style in the canteen or a walk along the seafront or in the park.

While you are relaxing simply think about all the good little things that happened to you last week. If you can only think of the havoc that the snow played on your daily routine then reflect back on last month instead.

Did you get a great message on facebook from a friend that’s been through hard times, has he or she just announced an engagement? Did you go down to the supermarket and discover that they were doing an amazing three for one offer on several of the items you buy anyway and so saved you money to spend on something nice and for you for a change. Perhaps they sliced the prices down on your favourite Rioja meaning that you could justify the expenditure and buy a couple of bottles.
Maybe your new haircut earned you lots of compliments in the office, perhaps you found five extra pounds in your wallet crumpled up behind some receipts?

Collect all your personal positive units of energy, see them merge into one big Powerball then make your way back to the office and sit back at your desk feeling fully charged, or a lot more so than you felt fifteen minutes ago and the rest of the day is back under your control!

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