The importance of decision making

Decisions are an essential part of life, whether at work or in our personal lives. Making a decision means making a judgement between two or more alternatives which can cause many people much anxiety leading to indecisiveness.

So a few points need to be remembered when making your decisions, be it in the work place or in your personal lives to protect you from becoming indecisive because indecisiveness triggers anxieties and typically results in no action being taken.

When you next need to reach a decision, ask yourself what the outcome will be. Write down a list of “pros and cons”, and think about the life cycle of the decision; what influence will it have, say in six months time? If reaching a decision results in reduced levels of your control, then examine what the alternatives are.

This year there are many things such as the increase on VAT which could hinder the decision making process, but you cannot afford the time to procrastinate even though there seems to be an epidemic of procrastinators. Procrastination literally freezes the ability to take action or make a decision and if your business is to sustain or thrive in the next twelve months then today is the day you should promise yourself that you will not get bogged down by the crippling effects of indecisiveness.

Last year for instance, I met many business people who were stuck on reaching a big decision which if they had re-examined, then they could literally and instantly melt away their anxieties and this is about the permanency of the outcome. On the basis that few things are permanent, here’s an example. Whether you should hire a receptionist? The anxiety could be building up as you may worry about being able to afford to keep them on next year. Equally the benefits will certainly be based on time saved answering in-bound calls. So perhaps you could try an alternative being hiring a call answering service at a fraction of the cost of a salary – see if the service meets your needs then diarise a review date in six months time. Happy decision making in the year ahead!

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