Change your mind

We’re in an era of rapid change and I’m noticing that so many of us are reacting to a situation rather than taking the leap of faith and being proactive. This is my observation of people I meet and speak with during the week and to me it’s a symptom of uncertainty with the economy; why people are reluctant to spend and happy to admit that the hard times are affecting them in one way or another.

If you like we’re in a vacuous void, one which we must acknowledge if we are to clamber out and be back on firmer footing. This is a mind shift, a change of mind, which you may need to make. Not to get sucked in by all the negative energy, to remember who we are as individuals, remember our unique attributes and regain the control which ebbs away when the mind is distracted.

This may seem hard and I’m not going to be glib and state that it’s easy; all of us, unless we are not being truthful, will in some way feel negatives vibes around us, growing like plants and nurtured by the fragile economy. But the trick is to discipline our minds so that we can make a shift in our mindsets and regain our line of focus.

A great way to do this, for all of you to whom this resonates, is to mimic the way someone you know, who seems to exude positivity, handles a task. Emulate their attitude. Such people will doubtless be good at positive self affirmations; this shift in attitude is mighty powerful. You can apply it now.

Try saying to yourself “I will have a productive day today” or “I will be able to get hold of John today”.  You could apply this in other ways too such as, “there will be a parking space outside the office this morning”. With this example, if there isn’t a space, learn not to stress the “small stuff”, brush it off, and forget it. Tomorrow might be different, who knows? The point being that learning to brush off  the “small stuff” will strengthen your ability to focus on building positive affirmations which in turn will nurture your very “must have now”  useful positive and proactive mindset; create higher feelings of control and keep you happy and productive.

Happy mind changing!

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