Give what you want!

Do you have things that you want and do you wonder why you are not getting them?

Does it cause you hours of lamenting as you lay in your evening bath, contemplating the day and working over and over in your mind why things didn’t seem to go your way earlier today?

This I’m confident has happened to you, perhaps frequently and as an “intelligent adult”, it’s likely to only heighten your anxieties and frustrations because it feels like the “rubix cube” you spent hours as a child mastering; because you didn’t want “so and so” in your class to be the only whizz kid who could master it!

So what if I tell you that you have the ability to get the things you want and that it only needs a modification in how you think to achieve these things.

All relationships work like “pullies and levers”, my great friend Dr. Paul Burr explains this further in his new book, “Learn to Love and Be Loved in Return”, an essential read; the modern day “bible of life”. Paul talks of relationships and how they begin with the relationship we have with ourselves and that if you have something that you want then you must learn to give it first. This is also a great tool to utilise, here are some examples.

You want a cuddle so give a cuddle.  You want to spend more time with the children so give more time. Tell them that every Sunday afternoon is family time, speak to your partner during the week about what they might like to do on Sunday, plan it together over dinner, and then look forward to it.

How can you apply this to work? You want next Monday off, it’s your best friends 40th birthday party at the weekend and she lives miles away, so give your boss extra time during the week, talk to him/her and say why and what it is you want and you’ll get it…

“John I would like to give you a few evenings this week, get those important proposals out, that way we’ll have the time to hopefully close the business for this month’s sales. John will be pleased with your empathy, so when you say that you want next Monday off, he will probably quip “of course”.

What do you want and how can you give it first. Try this for yourselves, you’ll be amazed at how powerful giving can be!

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