Copy the King of the jungle

If you are caught up with the stress of everyday life, it’s hard to focus; to sift through and concentrate on the important things in life. So if you want to give your mind a makeover and this is a really invaluable thing to do because an uncluttered mind with force clarity and the creativity you may feel eludes you at times then learn to think like the King of the jungle, the lion and emulate how he spends his day.

Like all animals, who frankly seem to have a superior sense of common sense than us humans, let’s look at how the King of the jungle plans to avoid stress. He focuses on the fundamentals’ and once he’s achieved them, then the surplus time gained he, like the domestic cat, dog or even guinea pig allows himself to spend sufficient time relaxing. Not a treat, for relaxing will rest your mind, body and spirit, paving the way for higher levels of productivity. Once rested, the Lion is charged with the energy he needs to hunt for his next meal.

The King of the jungle has four primary things to ensure for his survival. These key things are his priorities and they are: Shelter, food and water, and resting or sleeping.

He thinks of nothing else, perhaps only safety of the pride and these are what make up his every day agenda.

So if you could emulate what the King of the jungle does what are the really important tasks that you should be focusing on today and what things are not important?

This may seem a simple way of thinking but in an over- complicated society, I find that people are looking for tools to support a more simple way of thinking and indeed operating because we are bombarded with tasks which are either not a priority or that take up valuable units of our time and thinking like the King of the jungle might help you in the week ahead.

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