Listen to your gut instinct

We use our heads for the rational thinking but it’s in our stomachs were we feel something, where our emotional centre is, the place in our bodies where we feel our “gut instinct”.

Back in the day when we were clothed in animal skins, had to hunt for survival is when our gut instinct was probably used at its optimum; with no dangerous predators’ preying on our flesh these days, few of us allow the instinct to prevail, or we feel a gut instinct but don’t always let it through to our conscious minds, we therefore push it to the back of our minds.

But what if you welcomed your gut instinct back into your conscious minds; rather than leaving it dormant in your unconscious minds?  If only to try it for a week, what new things could you discover, how might your new choices effect your decisions?

Blessed with having cerebral palsy, only thankfully affecting my right hand side, I knew as a Child, and helped by having unorthodox parenting that with impaired physical ability, perhaps the feelings in my stomach actually were worth some “air time”. So I’ve always relied on what my gut instinct “says” in most daily situations. I feel blessed that missing out physically came with a silver lining and I might add that never a day goes by without being so grateful that I can even walk.

So since you can all shift your minds, literally just allow your gut instinct to be part of your conscious thoughts, I would love to hear from any of you who try this and who are willing to let me write some case studies about you ( as part of a new book I’m writing ).

Meanwhile perhaps you will allow me to share some of the things which I discovered recently through listening (and acting upon) my gut instinct. I’ll list them for ease of reading:

1: Save time over the weekend Emma, get your groceries on Friday night instead.

A friend called me on Saturday morning (when I could have been in the supermarket) not spoken to her for years we had a great catch up & shared some interesting ideas

2: I’ve a feeling that Sean will be able to talk to me if I call him at noon.

He was and we closed a deal, my head was saying call him at 5pm, but I chose to listen to my inner voice.

3: I’ll work through lunch time today so I can finish my press release

My daughter needed collecting early from School and I didn’t miss any working hours plus was completely up to date with my work load.

What results will you achieve? Let me know


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