How do you sound?

Have you ever thought about how you sound?

Whether it’s over the telephone or face to face, how you sound is a really integral part of communication because it can enhance or expose how you are feeling. The tone in your voice or how you sound is often a mood reflector which can be both helpful or a hindrance in your daily communications with your clients. Over the telephone for instance, over 90% of the other person’s opinion of you is formed, sub consciously, on the way you sound, and since the content of what you wish to convey is important, then it’s vital to ensure that the way you sound is the way you want to sound.

As humans we are very good at picking up on deflections in one another’s voices; leverage for positive outcomes, persuasions, or equally a vantage point if we sense vulnerability because someone for instance, sounds tired, bored or otherwise. An opportunity for exploitation; an Achilles heel opportune moment to swoop in, hold court, take over and at times like this we don’t want to be prey to anyone!

Invest ten minutes, even five and think about an event last week when you needed to convey something, work or home whereby you didn’t get the outcome you wanted?

You can improve your chances the next time by simply considering the differences, and the key is that they should all be the same, in how you sound, how you want to sound and how you think you sound.

A little pondering on this could make a huge positive difference the next time you need to speak to somebody; convey an important message, delegate etc. And if you have young Children, then practising how you sound with them will also help to improve the daily juggle of your work, life balance!

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