The little boy who found the truth

Here’s a short story about a little boy who found the truth…

Sarah loved animals, she always had. One Sunny day, whilst walking her dog, she heard feint cries up above her head; there in the cherry tree was a tiny kitten that was trapped in its branches. “Oh Tippy Toes” she reassured, recognising him as her neighbour’s cat, “I’ll help you, don’t worry”, she said, noticing a ladder by the side of a garage. But Sarah knew she needed some help as her right leg was in a plaster cast.

“I know” she thought. “I will ask my friend James to help me”. Moments later the two children were by the foot of the cherry tree gazing up at poor Tippy Toes. “Right” said James,” We need to find a ladder, you reassure him Sarah; find out who he belongs to”. Sarah thought that James was being a little bit bossy as she remarked, “I told you I’d already found a ladder when I knocked at your door, and he belongs to Mrs. Watkinson.

James wasn’t listening as he hopped up the rungs and it wasn’t long before Tippy Toes was safely in his arms, “ouch, he scratched me” James yelped as Tippy Toes freed himself from James’s clutches.

In assembly the next morning, Mr. Young, the Children’s’ head teacher, spoke about the importance of friendship and truth and Sarah felt a mixed up warm fuzziness feeling in her little tummy. She was both pleased that she had spotted poor Tippy Toes whilst annoyed that James appeared to be trying to over-shadow her.

It’s funny how her little tummy was right. Because at break time, while sipping her juice, she overheard James bragging to all his friends how he’d found the poor kitten, rescued him and reassured him too. Not a single mention of Sarah. Worst of all he was off to get the chocolate bar as his reward which Mrs. Watkinson had promised him for his kindness.

Skipping merrily on the way to Mrs. Watkinson’s house later that afternoon, and still no care in the World for Sarah, he knocked at her big red door. “Oh hello dear” she greeted, holding the shiny purple bar. “Where’s Sarah?” she queried peaking around her door.

“Yes”, said another voice, “where is Sarah?” The voice sounded familiar to the young boy and indeed it was, as there in the porch, Mr. Young appeared with a quizzical look on his face.

“May I introduce you to my Mother young James” said the boy’s head teacher. “Yesterday, while marking my books from the bay window, I saw it was young Sarah who helped poor Tippy Toes first, and you young man, have somewhat rather over-shadowed that fact.”   “I suggest you go and get Sarah, and remind yourself of my assembly this morning,” he added!

Business can be full of greed and mistruths. Apply a dose of kindness, truth and consideration to your colleagues this week and watch them thrive and shine on!

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