Support the Amazing Eddie Kidd

Please accept my absence from blogging recently; as Eddie’s press and publicity agent, I’m sure you can appreciate that I’ve been busy helping to keep our living legend in the media. Fourteen times world champion and stunt double for many “A lister” celebrities. Peirce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Michael Caine to name just a few. Where would the film industry be without Eddie? He made them look great, luring us to the silver screen and smashing box office records. Most of the films Eddie worked in have of course become classics in home libraries Worldwide!

So for any of you who are unaware, the Amazing Eddie Kidd started perhaps his most admirable journey yet. Following an accident fourteen years ago which left him unable to walk, Eddie is competing in this year’s London Marathon, raising funds for his beloved charity, Children with Leukaemia and The Eddie Kidd Foundation. Unable to walk, Eddie is “walking” the London Marathon aided by a custom made cart and the love of his doting wife, Sam. It’s expected to take Eddie four weeks to complete the gruelling journey, achieving so far over eight miles and raising so far nearly £22,000 for the charities’.

Children with Leukaemia are the leading charity dedicated to the research and treatment of childhood leukaemia and to the welfare of leukemic children and their families. This being the fourth time Eddie has competed in the marathon for the charity set up by close friends

The Eddie Kidd Foundation is an organisation supporting the treatment and rehabilitation of stunt performers and professional extreme sportsmen and women.

Eddie’s motto being “Never give up” perhaps this can inspire you in the weeks ahead.

For all of you wishing to make a donation please visit – see the Kidd’s Marathon link instructing you how to pledge and please spread the word to all your family and friends about the amazing journey our national treasure is making.

Thank you !

For Journalists: You may want to send a reporter down – Eddie is doing an amazing job raising funds for Children with Leukemia – check out Eddie’s Virgin Money Giving page – nearly 22 grand so far!

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