Support the Amazing Eddie Kidd (Part 2)

Eddie Kidd has just one mile left to complete the finish line of The London Marathon! Sam Kidd called me earlier announcing the exciting news as they reached Big Ben. Pouring rain, hamstring injuries, let alone the daily pain Eddie suffers has not stopped our Living Legend with his steely determination to complete his incredible journey; raising funds for his beloved charity children with Leukemia. It’s the fourth time Eddie has competed in the London Marathon for the charity and the first time since his accident that he’s been able to do so. With a personal target of £50,000 for the charity so close to his heart, the current amount Eddie has so far raised is nearly £74,000!

“Walking” in his custom made cart, every step Eddie takes requires all his strength, the pain often etched on his face and some friends have even suggested he stop. However with “never give up” as Eddie’s motto and  helped by his infectious humor, doting wife Sam and a host of friends, fans and families support, Eddie is due to cross the finishing line tomorrow evening. Check out his blog on

Crowds are expected to cheer our hero and I think it would be awesome to see if we can help our inspirational hero reach £100,000 so please visit his website and make your pledge.

Thank you.

Wishing Eddie “Happy Landings” for tomorrow! 

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