Achieve more in spite of the fact that you are busier than ever!

Everyone I speak to lately seems more time deficient than ever. Editors’ covering for Production Editors; press photographers, reporting.

Numerous reasons why, holidays the economy or a more efficient work force, the reasons are immaterial and if this resonates with you, perhaps these tips will help you to achieve more in spite of the fact that you too are busier than ever!

  • Each morning spend ten minutes planning your day, yes your day will consist of interruptions so when these arise deal with them efficiently yourself, delegate them if possible and if not deal with the important interruptions by immediately sending the priority email and then revert straight back to your day planner.
  • If you finish your day with must answer emails, again deal with the urgent ones first, then in tomorrow’s day planner commence it by allocating half an hour to deal with the second priority batch of emails, then revert back to your day planner
  • Smile! No I don’t mean to sound trite this is really important and it’s the best way to A: Keep yourself preservation  intact and B: If you are fortunate enough to have people to delegate to, then a helpful way to encourage your colleagues to want to help you, to feel your purpose and C: It’s good for your health!
  • Eat! Sounds crazy but you must factor in breaks, however small as like cars we need fuel to keep going, chose foods which are rich in protein as they stave away nagging hunger pains plus great for improving concentration too.
  • Drink plenty of water, fuzzy headaches are usually caused by dehydration and green tea is the only drink which counts towards your daily water quota
  • Be pleasant, again good for you, good for morale and if you remain pleasant then this too increases your productivity.
  • Be polite, on the telephone especially as doubtless during the day you need people to wish to cooperate with you and nothing beats good old fashioned manners.
  • Plan something nice to do at the weekend, whatever your budget, a stroll in the country; a friend for dinner, quality time doesn’t have to be expensive.

Good luck planning your week ahead!
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