Find a Mentor

Success is almost always measured by how much money one makes and indeed the freedom it provides for you running your own business.

Yet if you’re feeling fraught and frustrated about achieving your targets goals and aspirations; your business struggling or simply is ticking over then now could be the opportunity to take a more lateral look at how you do things.

Think of people you know or admire those who you consider to be successful and start observing how they do things. It could be as simple as following them on twitter or investing in a couple of autobiographies if the people you admire are well-known.

In the case of reading their pearls of wisdom in their books, think of the value you are getting as it’s almost as though you are benefitting from a personal face to face interview with them. You’ll find that the well-known successful people, tend to write honestly about their journey and in so you get a “warts and all” insight into how they conquered their challenging times in their businesses.

Working for yourself requires certain traits and attributes and these days you will probably have assumed a more hands on approach than in previous times. You may be guilty of working too much in the business rather than on your business.

You will likely be conscious of this and your subsequent feelings of frustration with time being so precious. Remember that the tweaking you feel that you need to make in your business in order to grow profit margins will not happen unless you adjust the way you think and through finding yourself a mentor or several come to that through reading autobiographies you could find some invaluable lessons which you could easily implement in to your business.

Happy reading and gleaning!

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