The Art of Selling – Part One

Selling your products or services is the single most important part of your business activities. Many of you will be experts at social media, facebook, twitter, linked in etc and these forms of marketing are important too as they are great sales tools but doing these alone will not necessarily “clinch the sale”.

It’s therefore vital to ensure that “pure selling” forms part of your daily or weekly routines; by this I mean either attending qualified appointments with your customers or prospects or indeed making sure that at least one day a week you embark on some telesales.

Get into the habit of goal setting. For example set a monthly target of attending ten new prospect or customer appointments, these appointments must be confirmed and qualified and can be arranged through telesales.

The great news is that for those of you who hate selling, you can build your confidence through meeting the customers who already buy from you. And why you may ask? For two reasons, firstly because customers who already buy from you are much more likely to buy additional products or services from you and your cost of sale to your existing customers is far cheaper than your cost of sale to new prospective clients. (Think of all the social media forms you implement in your business, marketing letters and so on that you regularly send out to prospective customers in the hope that something in your marketing messages will resonate with them, enticing them to get in contact with your organisation).

Additionally, and more good news, is that because many businesses are not always brilliant at internal communications you have many more ripe cherries ready for “the picking”.

For example you could be an office furniture supplier, proud of your account with the planning department of your local council and for years Clare Smith has regularly called upon you to supply her. Since you have built a great rapport with her, now is the time to ask for internal referrals into the rest of the departments. Even better ask Clare to put your company on the preferred suppliers list, she might even publicise your company on their intranet, resulting in a very efficient low cost of sale for your business!

So draw up a list of your clients that you can apply this simple sales technique to and happy sales in the days ahead!

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