The Art of Selling – part two

Hands up all of you, who have ever started but not continued a telemarketing campaign; chances are that you tried it a while ago, felt that you were hitting too many brick walls and so you’ve not considered doing it again.

It’s easy to understand; us human beings don’t like” no thank you, or not interested – the likely key reason that you are not doing it regularly and that when you embarked on trying it last time, you didn’t see the value.

You have to remember though, that talking to prospects over the telephone still remains a far more cost effective way to speak to your prospects rather than filling up the petrol tank and attending badly qualified appointments, or cold calling.

Also to expect every call to lead to a sale is unrealistic so creates feelings of deflation; why this form of marketing, typically, is not done with any consistency.

What you need to do, is set the following objectives when you get on the telephone:

  • Cleansing your database
  • Sorting the database into several categories’ – those who you think will never to business with you, those that might but who are six months away from placing an order and those who are interested in what you do but that the timing is not right yet.
  • Those who are asking questions – good old fashioned buying signs; ask specific questions and say, have you got your diary to hand?

Those who will never do business with you could still wish to receive your blogs, request to follow you on twitter, linked in, or facebook which is an easy, free way to keep them informed using social media and then in six months time, call them all once and if they are still coming up with the same objectives then suppress them on your database. Keep their details just simply mark them as dormant.

Follow the same approach with those prospects who might do business with you, although in six months;  this time recall them in three months for an update, the more interested will inform you  about their plans and some will have had a  re-location or re-structure delaying them from buying from you or it’s a polite fob off. Ask open questions in order to try to establish their real purpose, and those you deem to be a waste of time, mark as suppress, should they also not wish to be included on your social media.

Apply the same approach to your hottest group and be very direct with them. Ask specific questions around their timing; ask them is there any mileage in keeping in touch and don’t be afraid of asking them, if for instance, they say that they are out of budget, ask when they get their new budget allocations and when is their year end.

The aim is to do telemarketing consistently; a way of establishing who your hottest prospects are, and even if it’s only a day a month. Soon you will only need to speak to a group of people who really intend to buy from you and those warmer ones can be kept informed via your social media forms.

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