The Art of selling – part 3

Word of mouth recommendations or referrals are still known to be the most inexpensive and effective form of marketing. The cost of sale is low because you are marketing to people who you already know- your existing clients. A referral could simply be asking your satisfied customer if they have anyone in mind who may like your service or product; this could be via a simple telephone call or email.

Since this low cost form of generating sales is easy to do, let’s have a look some ways you can get a bit creative when asking for a referral and ways to entice your customer to do so.

1: If you deliver products such as stationery then you could include a hand written envelope marked private to the person who places the orders with a gift voucher offer, “If you like what we do for you tell someone else and when they place their order then you both get £25 Marks & Spencer vouchers.

2: Run the same idea to all your customers as an email campaign calling it something like “a little extra help at Christmas”

3:  Incentivise your staff to give you warm sales leads; those which convert into an order, you can reward your employee with a voucher. Think in seasons, we all like delicious food and drink treats at Christmas time.

4: Take it a step further, incentivise your staff to get competitive, send them an email stating £10 of food vouchers per referral and no limit to the amount they give you. You could even have a “thank you Thursday” when you personally hand out that week’s referral vouchers, great for morale too, but you may want to make sure you add a clause that they must convert.

5: Some employers I know incentivise their staff simply for a warm lead, if you can too, then this is better as it’s more achievable on the proviso of course that they give you the prospects contact details.

6: Announce to your customers that you are having a referral month in November; by giving your customers notice you have also made the perfect reason to keep in touch with your clients. Give a generous % off their November bill or add a % extra of your goods to grab their attention!

7: Use Facebook to promote your referrals and linked in groups

8: Consider doing a tie in with another business so for example if you are a beauty salon then join forces with a nearby hairdressers!

9: Make a referral calendar to consider all your peaks and troughs don’t lament about doing it and don’t get it confused with a lengthier, yet critical must have marketing tool being YOUR MARKETING PLAN.

10: If you don’t have marketing plan or your one is older than twelve months give me a call for a non obligatory chat about my bespoke marketing plan and strategy service. 01273 579585 / 07941 816321


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