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I know we’re all extremely time deficient, not helped by the tough economy, but we can all help to improve business flow if only we would start talking again!

If we can all start to re-kindle good old fashioned conversations, as opposed to social media communications, and as long as we’re respectful of one another’s time shortages; once actually engaged in a conversation we can  ask direct questions  like, “ are you ready to place the order?” or “what can we do to support your decision?” Or “I can hear you’re busy, so when is a convenient time for me to call you back?”

Language, unique to the human race, seems to be thin on the ground right now; replaced and almost forgotten, due to social media, and frankly even emailing hasn’t “helped” either. Whilst emailing is great, less paper wastage for one and yes it’s an invaluable instant form of communication; to over-look entirely, good old fashioned talking is to our peril; because people buy from people let’s not forget that!

How can we tell how our prospective clients are truly feeling without speaking to them; how can we pick up on buying signals etc?  Will our language, soon regress- reverting to simple dialect, reliant purely on the email?

How tragic that would be, and especially for the English language, spoken Worldwide, its universal appeal, our wonderful vocabulary dissolving and eroding?

What opportunities are we missing, when we request to “send an email please”, this is often asked as a fob off, so why can’t we be more assertive; simply state that you are or not interested, a lot of time could be saved for conversations which do hold more relevance to you.

The warning signs are already there that language is being forgotten; the spate of voicemails, messages you leave, which never get returned. Could you start returning the relevant ones; ignoring those which don’t hold relevance?   Politely saying so, should that person actually catch you answering your extension; allocating ten minutes each day to send standard no thank you, emails out; then answering all your emails at two or three set times a day rather than ignoring them all for days on end, or answering each one which pops into your inbox with immediate efficiency then to the detriment of your work flow.

There’s no questions about it, our communications have got off kilter and we need to do something about it; small changes recommended – what can you do to improve the way you communicate?

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