Secret sales formula – take care of your customers

According to marketing guru Chris Cardell, the average business owner only spends 11% of their time actively selling their products or services to customers both current and new. The rest of the Director’s time is spent “doing the doing”, entrenched in other aspects of their business, social media or other.

But what could be more important than looking after your customers’ and getting the sales through the door, closing them whilst finding out other ways in which you can make your customers lives easier through the provision of services and products which you supply.

Ask any well-known or successful entrepreneur what they regard to be the most important part of their business and the answer will always be the same to look after your customers’.

These successful people have become master sales people and they spend at least 50% of each working day keeping in touch with their customers – old and new.

So with consistency in proactively keeping in touch with customers being so important, do you have the time to run this vital aspect of your business operations in house?

If not, then whether you dress it up as “marketing”, public relations, or networking it all amounts to the basic crucial need  to attract sales and close new business.

With over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and PR you may wish to invest five minutes by getting in touch to see how we can get your sales back on target and we’ll share  some invaluable new tips in how to efficiently attract new business.

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