Free PR & Marketing Opportunities

Irrespective of which sector you work in, the modern culture of celebration and recognition could be extremely handy for your marketing and PR campaigns.

Known as National and International days, weeks and months of celebration and recognition; and each year, dozens of new dates being added to the calendar, conveniently available on Google, invest some quick research time to check how your company could tie in with these dates.

Many of these dates of awareness are well-known such as World Aids day, or Fair trade week, commencing the last week of February, additionally there is a large list, compiled in chronological order which could provide you with an invaluable marketing and pr opportunity.

For instance, National Popcorn day is celebrated in the US on the 19th January and Cancer Talk week runs from the 18-22nd January.

Simply spend half an hour studying the calendar to search for dates which tie in with your market audience. Select the dates which apply to your sector and write them into your marketing plan or calendar. Your marketing plan or calendar should be treated as a work in action tool and provides you with an abundance of material to underpin your marketing activity. At the very least it gives you a purpose to communicate with your customers and prospective clients alike.

Planning your campaigns could not be easier and pre-planning will save you time and money. Be ahead of the game this year; aim to be super efficient and well organised. Select as many dates as possible which are pertinent to your sector. You could identify as many as six or more of them with very little effort.

You could be in the food sector, for instance so can capitalise with British sandwich week – do a best sandwich filler competition to your local trade and  gain from the subsequent, relevant, marketing and press attention.

Perhaps you provide alternative pain treatment such as being chiropractic or osteopath, if so then plan your marketing and PR around National Back Pain week.

Simply search national and international awareness dates in Google as it will be the most valuable task you do this week and as we’re only in January the timing could not be better for you.

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